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Schattenspiel-Lichnetzof our world and nobody can take it from us, if we do not agree. Silence means consent.

We are living in a network of energy and ergo we are connected. Let us be conscious. Let us be aware of our Power in holding Peace through LOVE for the Life, the Nature and our Humanity.




This Drawing i made for an Australian Greek who visited us in 2003 in Bavarian. He was smart, strong and good looking. Our sons loved him. One Day some wasps came to our little dinner society and did their job for participating the good smelling food on the table and dishes. Our sons stayed pretty cool in front of our daily Weapon Ass Space Pilot visitors, but AG started to get panic and his repertoire of squeaking sounds and very special brake dance maneuvers with a spectacular outflow was amazing, we for sure will never forget it. This aquarell was than our gift for him.

Don’t get panic in front of what all the leaders of the world suggest us with their wasps… Just stay in peace and therefore give it to the world! We all are the major energy resource!

Geteilt_Verteiltum endlich zeitlos zu sein?

Gechipt, geklont, vermurkst, entehrt, verhöhnt, versklavt, geschändet, geteilt, verteilt und tot, war das schon alles was ihr wolltet, dass wir sind? – War da nicht noch was?

Ich bin der ich schon immer war und sein werde und das werdet ihr nie bekommen!


Speciousness or Illusion like rope of sand is our reality. Our power is the dragon of our own will to use creativity. Let them be free for the peace our world.


Die Monster in unserer Zeit

Mit russischem Titel, da wir ja alle derzeit mehr oder weniger für oder gegen was sein müssen und der Russe bleibt in der öffentlichen Medienmeinung per se der Böse, das Monster.

Die aktuellen Stör-Frequenz Anhebungen sind stark spürbar und werden in diesem Beitrag von eingehend beschrieben: Das Kapern des Bewusstseins

Kunstbaustelle2…are thinking. I’m wiser than you know. I’m playing for my future for the presence that you show…

Neuhäuslin bavarian language it’s Neuhäusl or actually nEUhäusl. It wasn’t even more…   >>>EX IT


The Titel is not an existing german word. It’s a creation of storminess and atmospheric conditions. It seems to be a created state of weather like an unsettled enchanting.

What the hell is going on?