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Kunstbaustelle2…are thinking. I’m wiser than you know. I’m playing for my future for the presence that you show…



meet art and life together, touching, melting and therefore birthing new. So also today…

Neuhäuslin bavarian language it’s Neuhäusl or actually nEUhäusl. It wasn’t even more…   >>>EX IT

WasserstadtChristine Ott my wife is also Artist as i am.

1 SchamaninSo we live together every day in art and family. My newest painting of her


Those were the days my friend, we hoped they never end…

LichtlesungYou just have to find it in the light, in the noise, in the taste or something else you are able to be aware of it.



Sometimes its funny and also sad

even the mud contains life and the dead


Found a place


to sit down

new dayand go into it if we let them

Abend_Othe spirit remain within the same

something warm in cold ice

something warm in cold ice